Top 5 Best Restaurants in Oshawa

If you had asked any Canadian just five years ago to tell you what they knew about the City of Oshawa and they would probably call it the automotive capital of the country. Recently, however, Oshawa is developing a powerful brand as an impressive culinary center of the country. Many top-tier restaurants have been opened that provide an air of elegance and exotic cuisine that has endeared many people to the city. With chefs from all parts of the world Oshawa restaurants now offer spicy Indian cuisine, traditional Greek dishes and South East Asian delicacies.

5. Chef Tommy`s

This gem was started by a Greek-born immigrant who wanted to share the joy of Greek delicacies with Canadians who had never had such an experience. The setting is serene with arched windows for natural light and a beautiful tile floor. Dishes famous with the locals include souvlaki filled pork, simit, lokma and fasolada. Vegetarians aren’t left out because the seafood is a delight to try. All food served here comes with that warm feeling of your own mothers home cooked meals.

4. Cyrus Persian Restaurant

This exotic restaurant was founded by a couple going by the name Cyrus and Denine. As its name suggests it mainly serves Persian dishes like halal meat, basmati rice, pilaf, tahdig and fesenjan. Persian tea can be perfect for early mornings or late in the day when relaxing. If you have ever wanted to try shawarma which is an Arabic dish made the world famous by The Avengers movie then you can try it out at this restaurant. The decor of the restaurant is authentic because the owners bring them from their mother country whenever they visit there.

3. Viva Burritos

This down to earth delight was founded by Jesus Pena who wished to share Mexican delicacies with the people of Ontario. As a vegetarian Mr. Pena has ensured that the diet offered contains favourable meat alternatives. As the name of the restaurant implies this place is famous mainly for their burritos which are made using Mr. Pena`s secret recipes. Tacos, Huarache, cemita and pozole are just but a few of the many dishes available for your enjoyment. The atmosphere is laid back and relaxed with open windows overlooking the main street.

2. Cocoa and Joe.

This is ideal for people looking for light meals because the restaurant focuses mainly on baked dishes. Cakes, bagels donuts, Swiss rolls and muffins are available for your enjoyment. Freshly made juice, milkshakes or even a cup of tea are examples of beverages on offer. Founder Sharon Jones started the business due to the growing concerns about the effects of gluten among Canadians. This is why almost every meal offered at Cocoa and Joe is gluten-free. Vegans and diabetics are also welcome and anyone interested in something a little stronger will find that there is a wide variety of alcohol on offer.

1. Rainbow Family Restaurant.

What makes this place unique isn’t that it offers some unique exotic dishes but rather its first place position is owed to the fact that it was established in 1958 and has therefore been part of the community for more than half a century. The interior design is appropriately retro in nature with an open kitchen, spinning stools and counters instead of tables. It is common to find people who have been coming here for decades and their loyalty is due to their consistent exquisite culinary experience. You can get fries, sausages, eggs and pancakes with maple syrup. The meals offered are ideal for a family outing so the kids can be sure to get ice cream or any other desert of their choice.

Top 5 Best Hotels in Oshawa

Planning a vacation to Oshawa, Ontario? The place has a wide variety of excellent hotels that one can stay in that guarantee utmost comfort whether you are alone, with your family, your partner or even colleagues on a business trip. Take a look.

1. Paddington Place Bed & Breakfast

Equipped with free WiFi, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom, the Paddington Place Bed & Breakfast is one of the best hotels one can find in Oshawa. What makes it even more interesting is the magnificent views of beautiful gardens. It is an awesome place to stay and enjoy the peace and quiet and interact with nature since guests are allowed to use the gardens.

Other great features include a coffee machine, a beautiful seating area, a desk for the workaholics, an electric teapot and a DVD player. No one stays at the Paddington Place Bed & Breakfast without complimenting their breakfast. It is absolutely amazing. It is the perfect location for couples. If you are planning a two-person trip, then this hotel is a must visit.

2. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Oshawa Downtown

This is an amazing place to stay whenever one is in Oshawa. An indoor pool, 24-hour fitness center, and free WiFi are just but a few incredible features that the hotel has to offer. Their guests also get to enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Each room is installed with an HDTV to ensure that the guests are properly entertained. A private bathroom, hairdryer, hot tub, meeting rooms and laundry facilities are also great features that guests enjoy when they stay at the hotel. As if this is not enough, the hotel is conveniently located near great restaurants and the Oshawa Centre Shopping Mall.

3. La Quinta Inn & Suites Oshawa

It is located 2.1 kilometres from Oshawa Center. This hotel ensures that the guests feel at home away from home. The rooms are equipped with a coffee maker, fridge, TV and ironing facilities. All these bring a great deal of convenience to the guests. Those who love keeping fit can definitely enjoy their stay in this hotel since it has a fitness center. The Automotive Museum is also just a few minutes’ walk away from the hotel.

4. Comfort Inn Oshawa

If you are looking for a more modern feel, then the Comfort Inn Oshawa is worth trying out. It is located close to the highway and a few minutes from the Great Blue Heron Casino. There’s no better way to start the day than with a great breakfast and this hotel offers just that. There’s plenty of fun activities that the guests can take part in like golf, hiking, swimming or one can choose to relax and the enjoy the free WiFi that the hotel has to offer.

5. Travelodge by Wyndham Oshawa Whitby

A delicious breakfast to jump-start your day, Internet access, an indoor pool and long distance calls are some of the amazing benefits that come with staying at the Travelodge. The rooms also have hair dryers, coffeemakers, and a kitchenette to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Its close proximity to the highway and public transportation make the hotel easily accessible.

Why You Should Consider Buying Home in Oshawa

There arise many situations which forces you to move from your current residential place and find a new place to dwell. One of the reasons to relocate is to find a new job, your family moving to another region are just some of the reasons. Before moving to a new place you must consider some basic factors and needs that should be available to promote you to live a comfortable life. Many people are opting to move to Ontario and here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a home in Oshawa.

Favourable climate

The place provides suitable conditions for a livelihood. A good environment attracts people to live in a place and so does Oshawa. It is good for bringing up children. All the seasons are welcoming. The winters attract crowds for cultural entertainments and children games.

Availability of social amenities

Educational and health facilities are some of the factors to consider before settling in a particular place. The reason is that you will need to take your kids to school and your health is a basic requirement. Oshawa has schools and health facilities that make it a suitable place to settle and buy a home.

Availability of shopping places

Man cannot live without the basic wants which include food, shelter, and clothing. Oshawa, therefore, provides the best places to go shopping. Starting with food, clothes, and stationery for the kids. This minimizes on the costs that would be incurred if the marketplaces were far away. settling there is, therefore, a good thing. Buying a home is an option in this case.

Job Opportunities

One of the things that attract people to new places is job availability. Oshawa provides job opportunities as it associates with general motors. Young families move into the place to find their life there and end up settling may get a permanent job and opt to buy a home at the place for easier access to the workplace.

Well Developed Infrastructure

In order to achieve the daily needs, you ought to move from one place to the other. That is why people would consider buying a home at Oshawa as movement is swift. The roads are odd and well developed to prevent congestion hence avoiding delays.

With the factors listed above, you can see that Oshawa is the rapidly growing settlement area where you can consider buying a house. It is the place to be and settle for a fulfilling life.

Real Estate Situation in Oshawa

There are a lot of factors that one has to consider, before making any deals in the real estate situation in Oshawa (Ontario). The industry is very volatile and often break a deal is not only profitable. The best and quickest way to make deals about the property is to hire a licensed real estate agent.

When looking for a real estate situation in Oshawa (Ontario) to buy, the agent speeds up the process. The agent is basically representative of buyers and works hard to make sure the client gets the best mortgage deal. Most good agents have an excellent network of relevant professionals, and they help a lot in completing the mortgage loan process. Apart from negotiating with a real estate broker to get the best deals, the agents are helping to complete paperwork as well.

When you think about what a real estate agent will do for you when you buy or sell your house and when you think about the amount of money online, it makes sense to find the best real estate agent for your own needs.

What makes a particular real estate agent the best option for you? For starters, it depends on whether you are buying or selling a house. Some agents help buyers and sellers alike, while others specialize in one field over the other. My advice is to find someone who specializes in buying or selling a home, whichever applies to your situation.

For example, if you plan to sell your home, you do not want an agent who spends most of his time helping buyers for the first time. You want a menu specialist. In this scenario, the best real estate agent for you is the one with a long history of helping homeowners sell their homes quickly and for the best dollar.

Speaking of experience, this is the next thing to consider when choosing an agent. Most of them will publish their skills, training and experience on their websites, giving you an easy way to evaluate them. Some questions to ask:

If the agent helps sellers in the first place, how many have helped him over the years? What is the average selling time when the customer is represented? Do you have a history of selling at a higher or higher price than market value?

If a real estate agent helps mostly buyers, how many helped? What did these customers say about them, by certifications? To what extent do you know the area you want to live in (schools, neighbourhoods, etc.)?

Now let’s talk about some ways in which you can find the best agent for your own needs. These days, thanks to the Internet, finding a real estate professional has become easier than ever before. Here are some things you can do, both online and offline:

I recommend starting the process by asking for referrals from family members or friends. Better to recommend the agent than the people you know and trust? You may not need to look beyond your “circle” to find the best professional real estate for your needs. Put the word on Facebook or any other social networking sites you might use.

If you have a preference for a particular real estate company (such as a large national name, or a well-known local company), you can start with their websites and find agents in your area.

I hope this guide to finding the best agent has given you some useful ideas and I wish you all the best in the process of buying your home in the future.